Heat treatment and brazing

Production technology:

Continuous belt furnaces with protective atmosphere and control system for automatic control of the production process. The furnaces are fully programmable, temperature and speed parameters can be digitally archived.

Product applications:

  • Stainless steel annealing to specification
  • Carbon steel annealing to specification
  • Heat treatment of duralumin material for the following forming processes
  • Brazing using copper-based paste
  • Brazing using nickel-based paste
  • Soldering of supplied composites

Production specifications:

  • The maximum temperature for stainless steel processing is 1120 °C, working area clearance 100 mm, belt width 300 mm
  • The maximum temperature for processing carbon steel is 1150 °C, the clearance of the working area is 150 mm, the belt width is 300 mm

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