Laser and CNC cutting

Automatic CNC saw:

  • Productive cutting of stainless steel materials
  • Automatic tube end brushing system
  • For shorter lengths, the possibility of tumbling to shrink the edge

Laser CNC machines:

  • For cutting and shaping of stainless and carbon steel, aluminium, copper, brass and other non-ferrous alloys
  • The advantage is high precision, very good cutting quality and stability of the production process
  • 3D models in STP or IGES format can be used for programming

Automatic system for chipless cutting:

  • Chipless cutting technology with high cutting precision
  • Minimum material loss between cuts
  • Suitable for cutting thin-walled tubes and small diameter tubes
  • Suitable for applications with an emphasis on cleanliness (no chips, biological lubrication)
  • Applications for heat exchangers, air conditioning, heating, cooling of solar technology, automotive fuel and brake lines

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