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Installation of solar power plant in Dobrkovice


First investment of 2024 before completion

We are pleased to announce our latest investment - a photovoltaic power plant that we are completing together with CEZ in the first half of 2024.
-Technical specifications: total installed capacity is 287kWp.

-This modern power plant brings us several benefits:

1. Cost savings: generating our electricity reduces our energy costs.

2. Environmental benefit: Solar energy is a clean and renewable source that produces no emissions or pollutants.

We plan to gradually expand our solar power capacity, but we are also considering alternative options to reduce our environmental footprint and promote green energy.

Reducing CO2 emissions in the production of stainless steel tubes

11. 3. 2024

Reducing emissions through new investments

The newly deployed welding laser for the production of stainless steel pipes has revolutionized our company. Thanks to modern technology, we have reduced greenhouse gas emissions in stainless steel pipe production from 215to/year to 45to/year in 2023, i.e. by 80% compared to the previous year, while the volume of pipe production was about 20% higher in 2023, reaching almost 800,000 m.

This investment in our company shows how technological innovation can contribute to sustainability, economic growth and strengthen our market position.

Our company's further investments will also be aimed at increasing the competitiveness of our products and at further reducing our environmental footprint in their production. 

New company website

1. 7. 2023

This is what our original website looked like
This is what our original website looked like

We are launching a new website

In the beginning there was a request to update the existing website, the management wanted to add information about our new technological capabilities.

In the end, it's a brand new company website in both form and content.

With that, we thank the team of associates who enthusiastically dedicated themselves to the creation of the new website.

We hope you enjoy our new website as much as we do.

Our original website - the "about" section
Our original website - the "about" section


16. 6. 2023

Favorite company day

Lambro day took place on 16.6. on the playground in Dobrkovice.

This is a regularly recurring event to which family members of employees are invited. The aim is to strengthen relationships outside the work environment, to chat, simply to relax and unwind.

We pay a lot of attention to our little ones, our children, for whom we have prepared various game disciplines, bouncy castles and small surprises in the form of gift bags with goodies and small gifts.

For a pleasant afternoon, refreshments for young and old are a matter of course.

We believe that this year we managed to organize the meeting to everyone's satisfaction and we look forward to next year.

CQI-9 Special Process Evaluation Training

16. 2. 2023

The training was benificial, I especially appreciated the experience of the lecturer with direct manufacturing experience.
Ivar, shift supervisor
I welcomed the fact that the training took place at our plant, so more of our employees could attend.
Michal, quality manager

We are increasing the professional knowledge of our employees

We have arranged another training course for our employees at our site, the CQI-9 heat treatment system assessment.

CQI-9 builds on the quality management system according to IATF 16949 and the relevant customer-specific requirements, which set out the basic requirements for heat treatment management system.

CQI-9 is a self-assessing comprehensive audit covering the most common heat treatment processes used in the automotive industry, with the aim of developing a heat treatment system that ensures continuous improvement, with an emphasis on preventing defects, reducing variation and waste within the supply chain.

The expert guarantor of the training was Ing. Stanislava Rašková, MBA, Ph.D., who not only has many years of experience in heat treatment, but is also a woman with rich life experience and a wonderful sense of humour.

Lambro celebrates 30 years!

16. 12. 2022

Over the last thirty years, we have continuously invested in modern technology, training our employees and improving our production processes. This has enabled us to create top quality products that meet the latest trends and the needs of our customers. We are proud of our innovations that bring benefits and move the industry forward.

However, our successes would not be possible without the dedication of our great employees. We are surrounded by a team of talented individuals who are passionate about their work and share a common vision. Their hard work, ingenuity and creativity are the driving force behind our success.

Today, we not only look back on thirty years of milestones, but also look forward to the future. We want to continue our tireless efforts to innovate further, expand our market presence and continue to provide products and services that bring joy and satisfaction to our customers.

We thank our customers, employees and business partners for their support and cooperation. Their input has been invaluable in building our success. We look forward to the next thirty years as we write new chapters of our successful manufacturing history together!

Jubilee 30 years on the market

Today we are proud to celebrate thirty years of our manufacturing company becoming a major part of the stainless steel parts manufacturers and suppliers.

Since our inception, we have come a long way, full of challenges and obstacles, but our determination, passion and constant search for innovation have made us a stable employer in the region.

Our company prides itself on a strong commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. We know that we are here because of our loyal customers who have supported us all along the way. Their trust and loyalty has motivated us to continually raise our standards and expand our offerings.

MES system implementation

1. 6. 2022

MES system

Manufacturing information systems (MES) enable companies to further streamline production management even with a functional enterprise-wide information system (ERP) and deployed automation technologies. An MES system offers solutions to improve production management, quality and documentation.

Manufacturing information systems (MES) offer a range of long-term and short-term, strategic and tactical benefits, such as faster product realization, higher yields, lower operating costs and more consistent compliance.

Other advantages:

  • Elimination of non-value added processes
  • Active and systematic standardization and implementation of processes at all sites
  • Transparency and real-time data management across the entire manufacturing supply chain
  • Faster tracking data analysis, root cause diagnosis and problem solving
  • Lower costs for a high level of quality
  • Continuous improvement of product quality and new designs
  • Evidence-based operational and strategic decisions
  • Active management of production processes

Written about us

14. 4. 2022

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Our company has been featured in the magazine several times, most recently in the 02/2022 issue; for those interested, we have included a link to the full article.